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Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Awareness Week celebrating Kites making at Immacolata House in Langport, Somerset

Creativity! We had a joyful time, making kites and writing poetry together at Immacolata Care Home in Langport, Somerset. Everybody joined in and got their hands dirty – residents, their husbands, staff and some local children.

The Wedding

One is never too old to travel to family events. This is the story of a Grandmother’s journey 2,000 miles away from UK to the Republic of Georgia to celebrate her Grandson’s wedding.

Farming on Paros, Greece

The relationship between a Grandfather and a Grandson is shown on their farm on the Island of Paros, Greece.  In his 70’s George grows olives, produces vines and his own wine and grows vegetables for his family and friends.

Basket Weaving

Costa in his 90s and his wife, Calitsa, tell the stories of life on Paros, Greece whilst showing us how to make baskets in the traditional way. We see him basket weaving with Alkis who has learnt the craft from him.